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Getting A Thor Costume For This Halloween

622573-thorPrior to the release of the Thor movie in 2011 and his comeback in 2012 in Marvel’s “The Avengers” the character did not receive much love. Today, people wearing a Thor Costume can be seen at every single comic book convention or other related events.

The name of the hero, Thor is inspired by Viking mythology. In the Marvel movie, the hero is cast out of Asgard, a world far away from the mortal realm. Thor is exiled and forced to live amongst humans but his archenemy, his stepbrother Loki finds him and turns his wrath upon the mortal real. This turn of events turns the young Thor into a protector of Earth. He had to go through humility, learn kindness and compassion. The character evolves from a vain and young demi-god to a genuine superhero. This is one of the main reasons why Thor is such a popular character.

In the past decade, comic book characters started to reach out for the big screen and many of the movie adaptations managed to grab the attention of a rather large audience. People that did not know anything about the character suddenly became fond of the character. The cinematic value of these adaptations managed to stay true to the comic books and satisfy both the die-hard fans and the ones that just want a high quality superhero movie. [click to continue…]

How About A Thor Halloween Costume This Year?

Everyone thinks that superheroes are cool. The past few years brought loads of characters from the comic books and on to the big screen. Halloween parties are being assaulted by people dressed as superheroes or even supervillans. The ones that still do not have an idea about what to wear this year might be want to check a Thor Halloween costume.

The Marvel universe is anything but short on a supply of superheroes. There are loads of colorful characters and some of them receive more attention than others and it is sad to see that the Thor movies were adapted for the big screen so late. The first one was released in 2011 and now a sequel is in the making. In the first installment of the franchise, Thor had to protect the mortal realm from his adoptive brother. However, the hero had to go through a transformation, learning humility, compassion and self sacrifice after debuting in the movie as a vain demigod. The sequel will showcase a wiser and less temperamental Thor. During the production of the first movie, the team decided to give the hero a more modern look and the public went for it. The Thor costume showcased in the motion picture has become the most popular image of the superhero. [click to continue…]

Finding A Thor Costume For Kids

Halloween is almost here is there is very little time for preparation. Everyone is looking for ideas on what to wear this year and the only ones that seem to always have an answer are the kids. A lot of parents started to look for a Thor costume for kids after having their small ones watch “The Avengers” earlier this summer, following the success of the 2011 movie featuring the same hero.

The Marvel universe has always been a realm of wonder for the kids. Their comics, stories and heroes have always been something that both adults and small ones love. This summer, “The Avengers” finally reached the big screen after being in production for quite some time. Thor got summoned by Nick Fury to help save the world from total destruction by Loki’s forces. However, the superhero was not always a protector of the innocent and guardian of peace. His debut on the big screen back in 2011 when the first Thor movie was launched, Thor appeared as a vain demigod that had much to learn about what is means to be a wise king and peacekeeper. Thor was cast out to the realm of men to learn about compassion, humility, modesty and kindness. After learning about his wrongful ways, the hero turned into a protector of Earth, defeating his adoptive brother, Loki. [click to continue…]

Finding An Adult Thor Costume

The Thor movie made a sensation when it hit the big screen and this year the sequel will be released. More importantly, Halloween is almost here and ideas start to pop up. There are some that might want to get an adult Thor costume but before rushing to throw away the money at the first online shop they find it would be wiser to spend a couple of minutes to go through some useful tips.

1. Quality of craftsmanship and attention to detail.

The way these costumes are now made it is easy to spot which ones are built using high quality materials and according to the original model. What you pay is what you get and most of the times, paying a little bit extra is well justified. Nobody wants to wear a Thor costume that looks nothing like the original. Some of the lower quality costumes remove some of the decorative elements of the original but they strip them to such a level that they barely look like the original. [click to continue…]

The 2011 Thor movie made the character known at a worldwide level. Gaining more and more female fans explains the fact why the female Thor costume is at high demand. Despite the fact that comic books and superhero movies are more of a guy thing, the hammer wielding god turned into a great pick for a Halloween costume.

However, there are a few facts about the character that not everyone knows. Loki is known to have a female form as well which was seen in one of the comic books. This makes it easier for a girl to pick up a costume since there is lore behind it that confirms the existence of a female version. Thor on the other hand is a whole different story and very few know that he also has a female counterpart. Called Thor Girl or Tarene, the female version of the hero is presented as a completely different character. The two coexist in the comics but they share multiple similarities including a good resemblance of their costumes. [click to continue…]